‘Death Stranding’ Using Guerrilla Games’ Engine Decima; Hideo Kojima Reveals Female Character For Game


"Death Stranding" will be using Guerrilla Games' engine Decima which was also use to develop "Horizon: Zero Dawn". Hideo Kojima also revealed that a female character will join the game.

"Death Stranding" on Decima Game Engine

"Death Stranding" is currently being developed under the Decima game engine. Hideo Kojima earlier embarked on the game engine search for his upcoming project. He settled on the Guerrilla's game engine after their first meeting. Guerrilla Games CEO Hermen Hulst surprised Kajima by practically handing their game engine encased in a box without even signing a contract first.

The "Death Stranding" developer was not only impressed by the Decima but also by Hulst's gesture. "Death Stranding" and Hideo Kojima fans could watch the "Death Stranding" and Guerrilla Games collaboration video and interview here. Interestingly, Kojima will set up a satellite office in Amsterdam in order to better coordinate with Guerrilla Games, according to Hulst.

Hideo Kajima Reveals "Death Stranding" Female Character

Kajima also revealed in the interview that a female character will also join Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen. He is however, reluctant to name either the character's name or the voice actress who will play the part. Reedus and the future female character will be the protagonists in the game. Mikkelsen, will play the villain in "Death Stranding".

"Death Stranding" After Konami Split

"Death Stranding" is Kojima's first independent video game after cutting ties with Konami. Kojima was using the Fox game engine to develop titles like "Metal Gear Solid 5: Phantom Pain." His departure with Konami however, also meant that he can no longer use their development tools. Fortunately, Kojima was able to secure the Decima game engine.

"Death Stranding" is currently being developed right now and no release date has yet been set. The game will be available for the PlayStation 4 platform and will single and multiplayer features.

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