Chrome 55 To Default To HTML5 Instead Of Flash; Fixes Several Flaws [VIDEO]


Chrome 55 to default to HTML5 instead of the Flash plugin for most of the websites. The new update has fixed several flaws.

Chrome 55 to default HTML5 video instead of Flash

Chrome 55 was launched recently, which finally made the Flash plugin useless for the browser. HTML5 video will now be the default for the web browser instead of Flash.  According to the official blog of Chromium, it disables the plugin unless there's a user indication that they want to use Flash content on specific websites.

Chrome 55 part of original plan

The Chrome 55 defaulting to HTML5 move was part of the original plan, which started back a few months ago. It was that Flash would be a click-to-play on a few websites that still use the plugin. These websites would be whitelisted to use the Flash functionality on the Chrome.

Chrome 55 HTML5 by Default future plans

In the coming few months, the feature will be rolled out to users. It will be enabled for one percent of users of Chrome 55 Stable in the next few days. This feature will also be enabled for 50 percent of Chrome 56 beta users and by February, the internet company plans to enable it to all users.

In January, users will be prompted to run the Flash plugin on a site-by-site basis for those that they have not visited before. To avoid over-prompting the users, the internet company will be tightening the restriction using the Site Engagement Index. This is a method where it measures how a user accesses a website based on their browsing activity.

Chrome 55 fixes several flaws

According to Datamotion, Chrome 55 has fixed nine different security vulnerabilities that the previous version had. The latest version also includes 36 security updates that were reported to Google by third party security researchers.

Check out the Chrome 55 video below:

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