Toyota Develops New Powertrain Units For Upcoming 2017 Lineup [VIDEO]


Toyota is developing new powertrain units for their upcoming 2017 lineup. The car manufacturer will also boost the number of people working on the hybrid development.

Toyota to overhaul engines to make it greener

According to the official website of Toyota, the car manufacturer will be doing an overhaul with their engine and drivetrain engines so that it can replace at least 60 percent of its lineup in the major markets. Hopefully they can do this by the end of 2021 and these engines will become greener, but more powerful than ever.

When 2021 comes, Toyota would have already introduced 17 versions of the nine new engines. 10 of those versions will have four new transmissions and 10 versions of six hybrid systems.

Toyota to increase development by increasing number of people involved

To increase the development process of Toyota's trademark gasoline-electric hybrid technology, they will need to increase the number of people by 30 percent. These individuals will be working on the hybrid development through 2021. They will also try to go to the suppliers like Denso Corp. and Aisin Seiko Co., earlier in development so that it will be easier for the costs of the new technologies.

Toyota introduces powertrain 2.5-liter inline four-engine

According to Automotive News, Toyota will be unveiling a 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine. It will have an automatic transmission for front-wheel-drive vehicles. It will also have a 10-speed automatic transmission for the rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and the hybrid system for the RWD vehicles.

The new engines will be launched starting in 2017. It will deliver 10 percent better acceleration for vehicles and 20 percent better fuel economy compared to their predecessors.

Toyota introduces Dynamic Force Engines

The 2.5-liter four-cylinder, direct-injection engine will be part of a new engine line from Toyota. This lineup will be called the Dynamic Force Engines and it is expected to appear in the redesigned Camry sedan. It is expected to be revealed at the Detroit auto show.

Check out the Toyota Schofield Pass video below:

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