‘The Blacklist’ Season 4 Episode 9 Rumored Mole Might Be Samar; Red, Kirk Face Off [VIDEO]


"The Blacklist" season 4, episode 9 has a rumor that the mole in the episode might actually be Samar. Red and Kirk will face off in the upcoming episode soon.

"The Blacklist" Rumor: mole might be Samar

According to The Siver Times, three more episodes will be coming for "The Blacklist" TV show, and there has been a rumor circulating around about a certain mole in the agency. In episode 9, the mole that has been spying on Liz and Red might be finally revealed. The mole might be Samar due to the clue that was given by a scene with Harold.

"The Blacklist" rumor clue

During one episode of "The Blacklist," Harold said that there is something that could put the entire country in danger, and four faces were focused on the screen. The faces that were included were Ressler, Liz, Aram, and Samar. The last face to be seen was of Samar.

"The Blacklist" upcoming episode focus

On the next episode of "The Blacklist," it might focus more on the past of Samar. The show has only revealed that she is an Iranian and has entered the Mossad after the government killed her parents. There is no information yet if she was involved with any terrorist groups.

"The Blacklist" character might be in trouble

"The Blacklist" twitter account tweeted a GIF image, which hinted that something has happened to Red in Season 4. It had a caption that said if they were not worried, they are now. This could probably be the first mistake that Red has made on the TV show and could become a fatal one.

"The Blacklist" face off

According to the official website of NBC, it seems that Red and Kirk will be facing off in the next episode when it gets released on Jan. 5. Kaplan will also learn her fate in the upcoming epic fall finale.

Check out "The Blacklist" Season 4 Episode 9 Promo video below:

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