VR And AR Products’ 2017 Future Bleak: Why Customers Are Not Buying It?


VR and AR products face a bleak 2017 as demand for such kind of technology is expected to be on the low side. What are the reasons why customers are not so excited in using augmented or virtual reality gadgets?

VR and AR Products 2016 Sales Down

The sale of VR and Augmented Reality (AR) products this year alone did not hold up to expectations, according to digitimes. The various VR and AR vendors include many of world's top technology company such as HTC with its Vive, Samsung with Gear VR, Sony with its PlayStation VR or PSVR and the Oculus Rfit.

Several companies though are still investing a serious amount of money in developing VA and AR products. Acer has given a sizeable investment to the IMAX VR Content Fund and has partnered with Swedish gaming company Starbreeze in the development Virtual Reality Head Mounted Display or StarVR HMD.

Why Is Customer Demand Weak?

The demand for VR and AR products is quite week is due to several serious factors. First is the high cost of the new and still developing technology. People willing to try them do not have the budget or are unwilling to part with their money just to satisfy their curiosity about it. Second is the apparent lack of content for the various VR and AR products, according to various social forums such as Reddit.

The lack of content is magnified due to the fact that most if not all of the VR and AR products from the different makers are not compatible to each other. This means that the content from one hardware maker will not work with a rival manufacturer.

A number VR and AR Product users have also complained of headaches and eye strains after prolong use of the technology. This kind of side effects tends to discourage gamers from using such devices. This is unfortunate since they are the major market segment targeted by the various VR and AR product makers.

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