University Of Florida Teams Up With Cisco [VIDEO]


The University of Florida has always been criticized by its students as having the worst Wi-Fi service. However, the university leadership decided to listen and take action to solve this long-standing problem by providing a faster Wi-Fi service by partnering with Cisco.

The problem of weak or low Wi-Fi connection is not unique to the University of Florida. Just like any other educational institutions, wireless accessibility is only provided in common areas around the universities, such as cafes, libraries, and meeting halls.

This accessibility is not extended in the students' dorm rooms; thus, they demand this kind of service in their rooms as well. Having Wi-Fi accessibility in their rooms is very convenient for students, especially if they are going to study or make their thesis very late at night.

To solve this problem, the University of Florida turned to Cisco to provide the students with world-class Wi-Fi connectivity. The first stage of the project includes outfitting four of the university's dormitories with the Cisco Aironet 1810W Access Points, which can handle all the load.

The 1810W can handle multiple data streams at fast speed and connect the devices immediately. Moreover, it has higher speeds and performance as well as more bandwidth because of its Wave 2 standards for high-density networks. It is also equipped with the latest security technology to ensure secured connectivity.

Fitting each room with the Cisco Aironet 1810W Access Points means students can now access the Internet in their rooms faster. When students were asked how fast the connection was, they said that the speeds have exceeded the standard speed in terms of the strength of its signal and the students are happy about it.

Cisco said fitting the dorms with Wi-Fi is just the beginning of the University of Florida's "World Class Wireless" program. They are expanding more in the coming semester to make Wi-fi access much better for students no matter where they are in the university.

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