Harvard University Offers Free Online Course On Buddhism

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Buddhism has conquered the West because of its simplicity as well as its simple presentation not to mention the relevance of its teachings in the modern world. Harvard University recognizes this and is offering a free online course on Buddhism for those who are looking for a reputable source.

Harvard University has a free online course in Buddhism called Buddhism Through Its Scriptures. The course has already been archived and no longer interactive but you can still access it if you register. Registration is free, after which you will have access to all the supplemental materials and resources the course has.

The course is presented by Professor Charles Hallisey, a professor at Harvard's Divinity School. He is considered an authority in Buddhism and a published author. He published a book on Buddhism in 2015 which highlighted the poems of Buddhist women.

Aside from this course, he also teaches the Yehan Numata program on Buddhist Literature. Yehan Numata is the founder of the multinational Mitutoyo Corporation and a strong supporter of Buddhism.

Buddhism Through Scriptures is an introductory course but even a senior Buddhist practitioner can still learn from it so does a novice who wants to know more about Buddhism and its teachings.

Professor Hallisey was quick to point out that he is not here to share the "right" interpretation of the Buddhist scriptures but rather, to encourage open-mindedness and acceptance of different perspectives. Oftentimes, he added, these different perspectives are what divide people but he hopes that through this course, there will be an open discourse that will encourage acceptance.

The course will take a total of four weeks and will require 6 to 10 hours every week. It will tackle selected Buddhist readings and practices as well as art and devotional acts.

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