The Best Places To Go To College In Europe [VIDEO]


Traveling around Europe is one of the things most people have on their bucket list. If you are a student, why not study in Europe instead of just traveling there. It will give a more enhancing experience as you immerse to its social and cultural life. And who says it's expensive to study in Europe? Here are the best places to go to college in Europe.


France has been named by the Times Higher Education as the number one student city four consecutive times and all for a good reason. First of all, college is either cheap or free with most of their undergraduate programs at around $200 a year and their master's programs around $280 a year in most public universities. However, here's the catch - most programs are taught in French but there are also more than 1,000 courses which are taught in English.


Germany is next in one of the best places to go college in Europe because of its cheap or free college education. Undergraduate programs, though, are taught in German; however, their master's programs are mostly taught in English. Germany also has a fair number of international students. So if you already know German, want to have a free college education, and live in Germany, you can start living your dream and head there now.


Norway is another country that offers free college education at all its public universities although there are few specialized programs where you have to pay tuition. Aside from the beautiful landscapes and open spaces, the crime rate in Norway is also low. Most of the courses are taught in Norwegian but there are more than 250 courses each in undergraduate and graduate programs that are taught in English.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a dynamic community of international students. It is also the largest provider of English-taught programs in Europe offering more than 2,000 programs. The average tuition fee is just $2,100 a year and the cost of living is low.


If you want to immerse in the culture of Eastern Europe, Poland is another of the best places to go to college in Europe. Programs taught in Polish are free and those that were taught in English cost $2,300 per year. Even the cost of living is low compared to other European cities.


If warm, sunny Spain calls you, it's also not a bad choice. Most undergraduate and graduate programs are taught in Spanish, so if you already know how to speak Spanish, it won't be a problem. Even if you're not, there are still a wide range of programs taught in English in most universities according to the Guardian. Tuition fees range between $628 and $1400 a year.

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