Wall Street Journal's Top 5 HBCUs: Howard University At Number One

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The Wall Street Journal and the Times Higher Education list their top 5 HBCUs or historically black colleges and universities for this year. Howard University, which is located in Washington D.C., tops the list. The university is also the only HBCU included in the top 100 colleges and universities across the nation taking the 87th spot.

Howard University, which has 13 schools and colleges, was established in 1867. Considered as a leader in the fields of mathematics and science, it has more than 120 areas of concentration and produced the highest number of Africa-American undergraduates in the said disciplines. The Wall Street Journal cited Howard University as the highest HBCU when it comes to academic resources and graduate outcomes.

The other four universities that make up the top 5 HBCUs are Spelman College, Xavier University of Louisiana, Tuskegee University, and Hampton University.

Spelman College was established in 1881 as a seminary for women. Originally named Atlanta Baptist Female Seminary, it became Spelman College in 1924 and has become the leading university for female African-American women. It boasts of 76 percent graduate rates and has produced some of the finest women in STEM. Aside from being ranked as the top 5 HBCUs, Spelman is also one of the best women's colleges in 2016.

Next on the list is Hampton University in Virginia earns the nickname as "Our Home by the Sea" since its location is surrounded by water on three sides. Aside from its scenic location, Hampton University prides itself as the alma mater of Booker T. Washington and the site of many historical events in the history of the United States.

Tuskegee University is another university with a very rich history. It was established in 1881 by the joint efforts of former slave owner George Campbell, former slave Lewis Adams, and statesman W.F Foster. The university rose to prominence under the leadership of Booker T. Washington, who also was its first teacher. Today, Tuskegee University is one of the nation's leading producers African-American PhD holders in Materials Science and Engineering among others.

To complete the list of the top 5 HBCUs is Xavier University of Louisiana which prides itself as the nation's only Black and Catholic university. It was founded by Sis Katherine Drexel in 1915 with the vision and mission to educate native Americans and African-Americans. She was later canonized by Pope John Paul II in 2000. XU has produced fine leaders which also became influential in the field of education.

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