Black Hole Is A Swirl Of Vast Quantum Information, Research Says [VIDEO]


Black holes have always fascinated people from all walks of life for many years. One of the most common questions that has been asked is what's inside these strong electromagnetic fields that pull all of the light in the middle of it? It looks like scientists have found an answer thanks to a recent research filled with vast quantum information.

A recent research published in the pre-printed arXiv found that the X-ray radiation originating from the fast-spinning black holes is filled with a wealth of quantum information.

The curve of space-time seemed to have a unique shape near the fast spinning space phenomena. These unique twists turn the polarization angle of photons that are coming or passing near a black hole. The activity encodes a qubit which is the unit of quantum information equivalent to one bit.

Aside from that, the twist of space-time marks orbital angular momentum to photons. This activity causes the second qubit. Combined together, the polarized photons and the orbital angular momentum is imprinted in these two qubits that come from the X-ray photons near the swirling black holes.

According to NASA, that rotating black holes can create quantum circuits and quantum gates similar to Bell states. Bell state is what you can describe as the quantum counterpart of the classical computer programming.

The degree of correlation or entanglement between the two cubits is measured by the Bell state. The two qubits encoded by the X-ray photons are related to the speed of the rotating black hole. Therefore, the faster the black hole rotates or swirls, the louder the message it sends into the universe around it.

China is the first nation to send out a quantum communication satellite in a recent program they labeled as Quantum Experiments at Space Scale or QUESS. Through these satellites, the experiment hopes to connect us to a future network of global quantum information.

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