New Theory Suggests That Isaac Newton's Had Been Wrong All Along

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

A new theory from the University of Amsterdam further strengthens the fact that nothing is constant in this world, even gravity. According to the researchers, gravity is not a fundamental force of nature because it had not really existed at first.

According to Erik Verlinde, a professor at the University of Amsterdam and the Delta Institute of Theoretical Physics said that gravity has not always existed as Isaac Newton said but that it was emergent. According to him, gravity existed because of the microscopic bits of information in the "structure of spacetime."

Professor Verlinde is also an expert in the string theory, which he articulated in a 2010 paper where he boldly took on Newton's law and Einstein's theory of relativity saying gravity is an illusion.

He explained further that if you look at gravity in a sense that everything falls, then it is not an illusion. However, Einstein's theory of General Relativity cannot perfectly describe what gravity is. He suggested that it can also start from the most minute formulation where gravity does not but you can obtain it, which is called emergence.

Verlinde further suggests that because of this new concept of gravity, the concept of dark matter is also irrelevant. He said that dark energy which many scientist believe makes up 95 percent of the universe has not really been discovered yet. The theory regarding dark matter and dark energy is popularly used to explain why some stars in the farthest regions of space rotate faster.

Verlinde's theory, on the other hand, is able to predict the velocity of stars and their so-called "excess gravity." This gives weight that what he has discovered about gravity is true. On the other hand, he believed that this could be the key to reconciling general relativity and quantum physics.

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