'Doom' 2016 News: Major Update Released Adding Multiplayer Bots, Infernal Run, & More! Bethesda Removes Denuvo DRM [VIDEO]


Most fans would agree that most of the current games rebooted this couple of years have been positively received by gamers all around. However, these same fans would notice that none of these games were as quite as successful as "Doom," the fourth installment released this May 2016. Since then, the game has received tons of support and new content from its developers. As such, id Software and Bethesda were said to have rolled out a new major update to the game.

It was recently reported that "Doom" 2016 has just received a massive update that introduces new content and game modes, Dual Shockers learned. It was said that this is the fifth major update that the game has gotten since its initial release.

The full patch notes were listed via Bethesda's official website where it mentioned them delivering new content and the top-requested features by their fans for "Doom" 2016.

To kick things off, Bethesda went on to mention that they have added Bots to both the Deathmatch and Team Deathmactch modes for "Doom" 2016, as per their fans request.

Moreover, this fifth update will now raise the game's level cap by enabling Multiplayer rank to extend to Echelon 11 for "Doom" 2016. It was also stated therein that once fans reach the latest hightes ranking in the game, they'll have access to the new DOOM Marine Armor.

This DOOM Marine Armor will feature the signature Praetor Suit, which was referred to by Bethesda as to signify the amount of effort that the player has poured into "Doom" 2016. This new armor, along with several other elements from the game's campaign, was also added to SnapMap.

In other news, reports have shown that Bethesda has removed the Denuvo DRM from the game with the new update, Lazy Gamer noted. It went on to cite a post via NeoGAF from a user named BernardoOne, who added links to images showing that Denuvo has been removed from the game.

It was said that the photos suggest that Bethesda has already taken out the anti-tamper technology but was not oddly not included in the patch notes that they've released.

That being said, it seems that other members of the forums are enthused about the idea and are hopeful that removing Denuvo DRM after the initial launch of a game becomes a trend in the gaming industry.

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