Top 5 Uses of AI And Machine Learning You Might Not Be Aware Of


Artificial Intelligence or AI and machine learning have been making waves these days with the rise of autonomous cars and smarter gadgets. With the latest technological advances, it won't be long before machines will speak and respond like humans. For now, here are five uses of AI and machine learning you might not still be aware of.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing or NLP is used in different kinds of applications and disciplines. One of its common uses is in customer service where machine learning algorithms take the place of human CSRs. This will save time and improve the service because customers can have the information right away rather than waiting for a few minutes.

Online Search

Unless you haven't noticed yet, Google search learns your search habits so the next time you make another similar search, it suggests some words to you before you even finish typing it. It looks like your friend finishing your sentence for you. This is how AI and machine learning makes another area of your life easier.

Autonomous Cars

Speaking of making your life easier, as AI and machine learning gets more sophisticated, so does the technology in self-driving does. Imagine all the cars efficiently driving you to work in one piece. It will not only make your life easier but it will also mean lesser road accidents as they are programmed to focus more on safety than human drivers.

Marketing Personalization

Working much like Google search, machine learning algorithms and AI learn the habits of customers and creates a more personalized marketing experience according to the needs of the customers. When customers are satisfied because they feel like they are taken care of, they become more loyal and pro-active customers who begin to represent the business brand.

Fraud Detection

The threat to security is becoming much stronger; however, businesses are countering this by developing stronger website security using machine learning and AI. For example, PayPal has utilized machine learning to detect fraud and money laundering making it safer for people to carry out transactions on PayPal.

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