’Entourage’ Star Adrian Grenier Offers Career Advice And Talks Ocean Preservation


Adrian Grenier who is famous for his role as Vince Chase in the 2004 hit HBO television show "Entourage" offers his career advice and some points about the ocean. His stunt as Vincent Chase ran for eight seasons and he also starred as Nate Cooper, who is Andrea Sachs' (Anne Hathaway) boyfriend on "The Devil Wears Prada."

But he did not sit down with Dan Schawbel to talk about his "Entourage" days. Adrian Grenier is not only an actor and musician, but he is also a social advocate. He is quite passionate about preserving the ocean which is why he is now Dell's first Social Good Advocate.

Being an environmentalist, Adrian Grenier founded The Lonely Whale Foundation which aims to bring people closer to the world's oceans by promoting awareness and education. He hopes to inspire empathy and action to preserve the ocean.

According to Adrian Grenier, the ocean provides more than 70 percent of the world's oxygen. Through Lonely Whale, he builds on collaborative philanthropy. The foundation creates campaigns to affect real change.

He is now known as a successful creative. For actor Adrian Grenier, arts education is also important. He explains that art teaches the young to innovate, self direct and collaborate. In addition to these three attitudes, art can also teach empathy.

Here are Adrian Grenier's three career advice for those pursuing the arts, and even helping the world make a better place:

1. Follow what drives you. - Grenier says that whatever keeps you up late at night should be your direction but do not forget to balance it with work that supports your passion.

2. Learn when to say "No." - For Adrian, it is alright to say "No." Leadership according to him is not about when to say "Yes," it is about when to say "No" to every opportunity.

3. "Don't go it alone," says Adrian Grenier. It is perfectly alright to ask for help and be open to it.

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