Things You Need to Include in a Work-From-Home Resume That Will Get You Hired


The home-based job market is pretty competitive which means that you really have to get ahead of the pack. This requires some effort in making sure you get noticed by making your resume stand out.

If you have been looking for work from home employment and still have not been invited for an interview, you should start thinking about your resume. According to experts, your resume should be tailored fit to the specific and individual jobs you apply to. Make sure that it contains the list of skills that makes you qualified to work as a successful remote worker.

Even if there's a wide variety of jobs that you can apply for remotely, here are some of the most important skills that your potential employer should find in your resume.

Digital communication skills

Digital communication skills is in a way different from good communication skills. It goes beyond your ability to talk to people. It means that you are able to effectively and efficiently able to respond to emails without being misunderstood. You also have to be able to maximize your tools to cascade information with urgency even when you are not seeing each other face-to-face.

Time management skills

One of the perks of working from home is that you have a flexible time, for some jobs, that is. This takes a lot of discipline because even if you don't have to clock in and clock out, you should still be able to get things done for the day.


In some remote jobs, you don't necessarily get monitored during your hours of work and in order to stay on track, you just need a lot of self-motivation. Without this, you can barely have anything at the end of the day and will definitely have a hard time with other remote jobs.

Tech skills

This is one of the most important when you are working from home. This is going to be the only way for you to stay connected to your team so you should more or less really have to be familiar of, at least, the basic usage of technology and the tools commonly used in a remote job.

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