Apple Inc. News: Apple Intel Modem Performs Worse than Qualcomm's in iPhone 7 - iPhone 8 Future Unclear?


A recent research reported by analyst Tom Sepenzis has noted that Apple Intel modem's performance is worse than Qualcomm modem in iPhone 7.

Apple Inc. News: Intel and Qualcomm Modems in iPhone 7 Compared

iPhone 6S uses Qualcomm modem chip for the phone's wireless technology but this year, the iPhone 7 opts for dual-sourcing from Qualcomm and Intel. Apple Intel modem is used for AT&T and T-Mobile guests.

Previously, there have been reports on both modems' speed test and many have claimed that Qualcomm's modem can download faster than Intel's chip, according to Fortune.

Apple Inc. News: Apple Intel Modem may No Longer be Used if Performance Keeps Declining?

In his research, Sepenzis points out several issues based on the past reports about Apple Intel modem. The speed comparison between Qualcomm and Intel chip shows a stunning result where Qualcomm wins at 600 mb/s whilst Intel modem runs at 600 mb/s speed.

Apple Inc. News: The Future of iPhone and Intel Modem

Both, Qualcomm and Intel are trying to win Apple's heart for the future products. Sepenzis concludes that if Intel wants Apple to use their modem, it might need to find an answer to the chip's lagging issue. Up to this day, there is no clear information as to why the Cupertino giant sources the modem from the two companies for iPhone 7.

The analyst, however, believes that Apple knows where both companies will be heading to and a second source is necessary to keep the production running, Barrons reported.

Will Apple be using Intel modem for half of the iPhone 8 units or completely source the chip from Qualcomm?

Check out comparison report on Apple Intel modem and Qualcomm modem in the video below

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