Nintendo Switch News & Update: More Titles Arriving For Next-Gen Console; Switch Hands-On Event Detailed! [VIDEO]


Fans and hardcore gamers all around are more than familiar with the success and contribution that Nintendo has had in the gaming-industry. That being said, these same fans are keen on hearing the latest news regarding the upcoming release of the company's latest platform, Nintendo Switch. With this, many of the gamers are on the look out as to which video game titles will be launched for the next-gen platform once it gets released.

It was previously reported that Nintendo's iconic titles, "Zelda: Breath of the Wild" and the latest installment to the "Mario" franchise, will be released soon enough as the Nintendo Switch is made available to the market.

In recent news, it was also mentioned that Nintendo Switch has just received more confirmations of different video game titles coming to the platform ahead of its March release date, Express UK reported.

The source stated therein that Ubisoft's Xavier Poix was highly impressed with the concept of the upcoming Nintendo Switch. Poix went on to praise the console for being able to bring two worlds together - the mobile-handheld and the usual console gamers.

The Ubisofr representative even said that, although the Nintendo Switch does not really revolutionize any gameplay feature, it has given players more access to the games' universe and keeping them engaged in these games by making it convenient for these players to switch from a console set-up to a mobile-handheld gaming experience.

The source suggests that this appeal could pique the interest of most gaming developers to release their titles to Nintendo's latest console. As such, it was also noted that "Stardew Valley" has announced its plans to release its farming simulator game to the Nintendo Switch in 2017.

In other news, more details regarding the hands-on event for the Nintendo Switch was recently releases, Polygon reported. It was detailed that the private event will be held in New York on Jan.13, 2017.

Moreover, it was said that the hands-on event for the Nintendo Switch will span for five hours following a streamed presentation on the evening of Jan. 12, which the company has dubbed as their "Tokyo webcast."

This presentation aims to give more details about the upcoming hardware. News of the console's price and exact release date might also be announced in event.

With all these said, it seems that fans can expect a lot of great things to come once the upcoming Nintendo Switch gets released next year.

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