'Prison Break' Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot: Michael Secret Agenda Revealed?; Who's Giving Order to T-Bag?

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It's been a long time since Michael Scofield 'announced' dead in "Prison Break" season 4 finale. Now, Lincoln finds out that his brother's still alive. Thanks to T-Bag but what he's actually up to by telling the good news?

"Prison Break" Season 5 Plot: Michael is Alive in Yemen Prison; but Why is He There?

While the previous series saw Michael saving Lincoln from his death sentence, this upcoming season will be the other way around.

In the sequel's trailer, Lincoln and T-Bag are having a serious conversation about Michael's presence in Yemen prison. The fifth season will logically explain where Michael has been all this long and how he could be alive and end up in half way across the world, Express reported.

After going through discussion with Sara, Lincoln is planning to get his brother out of jail. "Prison Break" season 5 sees some answers of Michael's hidden agenda. It seems that he has been working with a secret organization, which DigitalSpy describes as ISIS-like terrorist group.

 "Prison Break" Season 5 Plot: T-Bag is Up to No Good?

The long-time partner in crime and enemy-in-disguise, T-Bag, might have his own scheme by telling Lincoln that his brother is still alive. It can be argued that T-Bag knows too much about Michael than his brother does and that means some troubles are coming at the Scofield brothers.

T-Bag could be making a deal behind Lincoln's back as he wants to get involved in the big escape plan. It could probably have something to do with an important guy inside the Yemen prison that attempts to break free.

"Prison Break" Season 5 Casts

Fox announced 9 episodes of "Prison Break" season 5 and all of the fan-favorite casts are coming back. Aside from Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell, the revival series will include Sarah Wayne Callies, Robert Knepper, and Amaury Nolasco.

"Prison Break" air date will be on Tuesdays in Spring 2017.

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