'MechWarrior 5' Trailer Announced 2018 Release Date! Piranha Games Holds MechCon 2016 US$143 Prize Pool Tournament [VIDEO]


Most fans and gamers alike are aware that it is common for developers to make major announcements during game conventions or conferences. Such is the case for Piranha Games during the MechCon 2016 event where they announced to fans that they will be releasing the upcoming "MechWarrior 5" sometime in 2018. Moreover, fans at the event also witnessed a gaming tournament with a 140 US dollars prize pool.

It was recently reported that Piranha Games, a Canadian game developer company known for games like "Duke Nukem Forever" and "Need For Speed: Undercover," has announced that they will be releasing "MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries," Polygon has learned.

It was stated that the upcoming sci-fi game will be a standalone single-player game, which would be distinct and separate from the popular "MechWarrior Online" game. Moreover, it was mentioned that Piranha Games has also released a pre-alpha video featuring seven minutes of gameplay.

The source also went on to point out that the game is expected for a 2018 release date. It also highlighted the fact that the game will revolve around a protagonist where players can choose from an array of contracts among warring sides. "MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries" was said to be more story-driven.

Moreover, it was said that the game will be developed using the Unreal 4 Engine. Fans would also be pleased to hear that, albeit Piranha Games' plan to launch a new "MechWarrior" game, the developers will still continue to develop the free-to-play online multiplayer game, "MechWarrior Online."

In other news, fans who attended the MechCon 2016 at the Commodore Ballrom in Vancouver on Dec. 3 also witnessed the very first MechWarrior Online World Championship Finals, Vancouver Sun reported.

It was mentioned therein that the total prizepool amounted to 143 US dollars, which will be awarded to the top three competing teams. In an interview with Russ Bullock, CEO of Piranha Games Inc., he stated that the initial 100,000 US dollars came from the company and the rest was funded through their release of Tournament Support Packs, where players receive in-game rewards and items.

With all these said, it seems that Piranha Games and their titles on the popular franchise, such as "MechWarrior Online" and the upcoming 2018 "MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries," have a promising future ahead of them.

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