iMac 2017 May Come with 5K Display And VR Ready; Intel Xeon Replaces Kaby Lake Processors? [Video]


The update of the iMac has been delayed for quite some time now, but rumors are getting stronger that Apple will launch the new iMac 2017 in the next Apple event in 2017.

iMac to run on Intel Xeon

Initial rumors said that the new iMac 2017 would come powered by Intel's Kaby Lake processors; however, Kaby Lake will not be ready until the end of the year. This is probably the reason why the new iMacs was a no-show in two of the latest Apple events, as they are waiting for the availability of Kaby Lake.

Unconfirmed reports say that Apple could also go with Intel Xeon for iMac 2017 instead of waiting for Kaby Lake. Intel Xeon is currently being used on high-end workstations and servers said to be capable of supporting error-correcting code memory, according to Mobile & Apps.

This would be impressive for the new iMac 2017 although it provides for one drawback for the end-user, the price. These are mere speculations and implausible but such an event could render other Apple computer user to veer towards this model for its computing power.

VR ready iMac 2017

The year 2016 gave rise to Virtual Reality (VR) gaming, and as such, gamers are on a constant prowl for a powerful compatible computer that can cater seamless VR experience as reported earlier. The iMac 2017 already rumored to support a powerful graphics card making it readily available for VR. It is rumored that iMac 2017 will come with either a Polaris 10 or Polaris 11 GPU from AMD, according to BitBag

A redesigned iMac 2017

Aside from what is already anticipated, a revamped design of the iMac 2017 should also be considered. With its latest offerings in the MacBook Pro and the competing Microsoft Surface Studio, the iMac should also offer an innovative design. Alongside an expected slimmer AIO desktop, it is also expected that iMac 2017 will be lighter.

In line with this, it is rumored that an improved 5K retina display monitor is also pegged to sport the new iMac 2017. Additionally, the new iMac is also said to employ full flash storage. Expect new features to be reported once an official launch of the product is done.

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