iPhone 7 Accessories: Check Out The List Of Best Accessories To Complement Your Phone


Having a high-end gadget is not worth it if users do not explore all the possibilities that their gadgets can do. However, there are times, these devices or gadgets needs some applicable accessories in order to use its features as well as for protection like that of the iPhone 7. To those who got an iPhone 7, check out the best and must have accessories for your device.


Be mindful of the protection of the device to make it work a little longer so don't forget to buy a case and never again worry about dropping the iPhone 7 or getting it wet. Check out these different cases that are designed to accommodate each user's style and preference listed by Forbes.

  •  Grovemade Walnut Leather Case for $109
  •  Mujjo Leather Wallet Case for $49.90
  •  Dog & Done Splash Case for $54.99
  •  Dog & Done Wetsuit Case for $89.95

Car Mount

This accessory is perfect for car travelers. Just attach the car mount to the air vents and then attach the device, and you're good to go.


Anyone who does business, using the phone is such a great help especially when unexpected circumstances arise and the only device on hand is the iPhone 7. Why not carry around at all times a keyboard.


Film maker anyone? Why not consider having the Insta360. For a price of $199. 99, anyone can turn their iPhone 7 device into a camera 360 in an instant.


Photoshoot can be easier with this accessory as it is small enough to be packed so any user can just carry around the Pakpod, attach the device and click.

Consider also other accessories for on the go or when dealing with business which includes; Lightning cables, premium headphones, tempered glass, Bluetooth tracker, key for iPhone, portable charger and Bluetooth adapter. With these accessories, any user can make their iPhone 7 a very useful device for everyday life.

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