Oxford Graduate Blames And Sues School For Unsuccessful Career


A graduate of Oxford University is now suing the school for his unsuccessful career. Apparently, he blames the institution for its "appallingly bad" tuition which prevented him from having a first-class degree.

The Independent reported that Faiz Siddiqui took his case to the High Court. Siddiqui believes that the 2:1 degree he achieved 16 years ago stopped him from becoming a successful international commercial lawyer.

He also linked his depression and insomnia to examination results. With this, he is unable to keep a job for a significant period of time.

Siddiqui studied modern history at Brasenose College. He claimed that, during his final year, four of the seven teachers of Indian imperial history were on sabbatical leave, which led to the shortage of professors.

According to the Daily Mail, Siddiqui is bringing a loss of earnings claim. He is seeking at least £1 million in damages against the Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford.

More graduates would be bringing similar claims against Oxford University if ever Faiz Siddiqui succeeds. Siddiqui and his legal team asked the judge to step down due to previous ties with the institution.

The accuser noted that there was a shortage of tutors during his final year. This led to the decrease in the quality of teaching which he described as "deficient" and "negligent." 13 out of 15 students "got their lowest or joint lowest mark" in that subject.

"This is a large percentage who got their lowest mark in the specialist subject papers," he claimed. "There is a statistical anomaly that matches our case that there was a specific problem with the teaching in this year having a knock-on effect on the performance of students. The standard of teaching was objectively unacceptable."

Julian Milford, who represents the University, believes that Siddiqui took too long before bringing his case to light. He has asked the judge to strike out the claim.

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