Cybersecurity in U.S. : A Boost From STEM Education [Video]


People have become dependent on the internet. The comfort brought about by technology is paired with its challenges.

Cyberattackers constantly exert effort to illegally obtain sensitive data and destroy systems from smartphones and online banking to passwords. With the complexity of digital economy, there is an increase in the demand for highly trained cybersecurity professionals.

The following are the four reasons why cybersecurity would benefit from an education that targetson science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in a commentary from Charleston Gazette Mail.

Enhances the skills of cyberprofessionals

The change in digital economy has influenced the country's needs for skilled professionals against cyberattacks. STEM education provides training and hands-on learning through innovative research in order to cope up with the demands of the digital economy.

There are various programs that offer cybersecurity in several STEM majors.

The complexity of cybersecurity threats increases the need to have flexible and trained professionals who will be able to solve the most pressing challenges that the country faces.

The United States obtains a competitive advantage when it has skilled cyberprofessionals.

Improves national security

STEM students who take up cybersecurity courses obtain the skills, knowledge, and capacity required to implement the cybertechnologies that protect US from external threats and improve security.

Upgrades technology and economy

Millions of customers were affected with the latest high-level breaches such as those that involved at the Target, Office of Personnel Management, and Sony Pictures.

Recent high-level breaches such as those at the Office of Personnel Management, Target and Sony Pictures affected millions of customers. These cyber victims fear that personal data will be sold on the black market. This motivates businesses to increase security efforts and ramp up profits by creating secure policies and upgrading security software.

Integrates cybersecurity in classrooms

The U.S. government targets to increase incorporation of STEM through programs like the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education and National Centers of Academic Excellence and the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education. This gives educators resources to develop curriculum that is related with STEM education. which provides teachers resources to develop STEM-related curriculum.

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