‘Dishonored 2’ PC Issues Discussed; Video Series Revealed [VIDEO]


"Dishonored 2's" game director discussed the video game's PC issues. "Dishonored: Dark Echoes" video series was also recently revealed.

"Dishonored 2" PC issues appeared despite extensive tests

Game director Harvey Smith told Glixel in an exclusive interview that "Dishonored 2" had several PC issues a few weeks ago, but was fixed after several patches. Patch 1.2 had more than 100 fixes for the video game in it, he revealed. He also revealed that despite their extensive testing, the PC issues still appeared when it was first launched.

"Dishonored 2" PC issues due to certain combination of things

Smith revealed that there were certain combinations of things that they did not expect to appear. They tested the video game with different PC specifications like high-end CPUs with low-end graphic processing units, and with older drivers. He said that running a game on high-end PCs is the best to try out, but it is also the most varied platform to support, which makes it complicated.

"Dishonored 2" game director chooses low chaos first

The game director was asked which playthrough and character should he play first in "Dishonored 2" before taking on the other option. He said that if he should choose one, he would probably choose the low-chaos playthrough with Emily as a character. He believes that it tells her story first, which could let the players get immersed in it.

Smith said that he liked the voice lines and the way characters change more in the high chaos playthrough. He also revealed that it is difficult to play low chaos, especially if he wants to play the game with no deaths.

"Dishonored: Dark Echoes" video series revealed

According to the official website of Bethesda, they have partnered with MyNameisByf and artist Joshua Meehan to create a series of videos that tell the lore of the video game franchise. One of the videos, which can be viewed below, tells the story of a familiar character in the first video game. More videos will be coming soon in the next few weeks. 

Check out the "Dishonored: Dark Echoes" The Story of Granny Rags video below:

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