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‘Logan’ Spoilers: Ageing Wolverine Uses Drugs, Tools To Speed Up His Healing Powers?


"Logan" has been actively teasing fans about the third part of the "Wolverine" series by releasing new images from the upcoming movie. This time, the movie released a rather cryptic image hinting at what might come in the movie.

Unlike previous "X-Men" movies, "Logan" has taken a different route, artistically speaking. Gone are super colorful and animated teaser photos of superheroes in action. This time, "Logan" presented a black and white photo featuring several surgical equipment. The image is captioned, "wponx Supply."

It's unclear what these materials are used for in the film, but suggests that these were probably used in the experiments that created X-23, the female clone that has Wolverine's DNA.

It is likely that a scene showing the experiments on X-23 will appear in "Logan," to give a brief history of the young mutant and why she was created.

In the "Logan" trailer, Professor X informs Logan that X-23 is very much like him and that she also has some of his powers. In the "X-Men" comic books, X-23 is created by Essex Corp to become an assassin. However, due to the cruel treatment she suffered at the hands of the scientists that created her, X-23 turned her back on them and instead seeks Wolverine and Professor X's help and guidance. This arc is carried over in the "Logan" movie, where Hugh Jackman's character mentors X-23, who is described to have only two claws instead of three.

It's also possible that since Wolverine's healing powers doesn't work as fast as they once did, he uses tools and special medicines to speed up his healing process. Speaking to Empire, director James Mangold revealed that Logan will have scars on his back as a result of his advance age and dwindling healing powers.

Meanwhile, "Logan" is said to be darker than previous "X-Men" and "Wolverine" films. Simon Kinberg also commented that he expects the movie to get an R-rating as it is violent and has "kind of like a Western in its tone."

"Logan" hits theaters on March 3, 2017. The movie will be Jackman's last outing as Wolverine.

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