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New ‘Monster Hunter XX’ Trailer Revealed; Teases New Brave Style, Renkin Style Hunting Options


With the next Monster Hunter game announced, fans of the highly-acclaimed video game developer Capcom are seeing a Nintendo 3DS game for the "XX" franchise. Recently, a new trailer has been launched that gives a closer glimpse on few details about the game.

The new and upcoming game from Bandai Namco is another series of Monster Hunter that features a whole new level of tradition and culture as seen on the trailer, which reveals the new G-rank quests being implemented and the latest monster, called Barufaruku or Balfark in English.

According to Siliconera, the trailer also hinted a new hunting style called "Brave Style," which features a very aggressive and offensive style of fighting. The concept of "Brave Style" in Monster Hunter XX is specialized further towards action, and aimed for players who crave for sharper hunting.

The Brave Style relatively increases its meter, as a player continuously attack monsters. Weapons work in their own extra effects while in conjunction with the Brave Style. Particularly, Bow and Arrow users should be able to shoot more while in a Brave State, though it requires continuous hits to keep the meter up.

Another new hunting style is revealed to be the "Renkin Style," which allows the use of Barrel Bombs, a more fun-filled style for the franchise players.

The developers foresee that "Monster Hunter XX" will bring enjoyment and enthusiastic feeling to the players most especially when they have the option to hunt using their own style.

Earlier, information on the game's story arc was revealed as the game will be revolving on the two new monsters namely Balfark and Ouma Diablos. Accordingly, Balfark is an Elder Dragon that lives in the far-flung region of Igun Peak and will be revealed through the Dragon Signature Ship, while Ouma Diablos will be known as the head of Deviant Monsters.

University Herald reported that the game franchise was first seen during the Monster Hunter Nintendo Direct broadcast in October, suggesting the latest installment to the acclaimed franchise to be a Japanese-release of "Monster Hunter XX (or otherwise called as "Double Cross").

Monster Hunter XX is slated for release in Japan on March 18, 2017 for Nintendo 3DS.

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