'Frozen 2' Movie, Plot, Release Date: Olaf's 'Snowmance' Revealed?; Recording Begins but Story No Longer About Queen Elsa?

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"Frozen 2" movie is rumored to be in production as the casts enter studio for recording.

"Frozen 2" movie casts

There have been rumors that Idina Menzel will not voice Elsa, but these speculations have no legitimate resources. So far, there has been no change in the "Frozen 2" casts.

In fact, Kristen Bell has spilled out a small update during her interview with Collider in March. The actress who voices Anna confirmed that the production would begin soon, which means that the studio recording session for each role will be happening anytime soon.

She also 'accidentally' confirmed that Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff will still be part of the second "Frozen" movie. Speaking about the story, Menzel also showed positive feedback about the script albeit admitting that the writers were still doing tweaks.

"Frozen 2" movie plot: A prince is coming to town

The fans of Queen Elsa might have to be disappointed with the new rumor swirling around the web. It is said that "Frozen 2" may no longer put Queen Elsa on the spotlight, which is due to the rumor that there will be a prince looking for a princess and that the story could revolve much around his life.

The rumored plot seems to remind us of Cinderella story, but fans should expect more hilarious scenes from Olaf who will be looking for his love in the sequel.

"Frozen 2" movie plot: Olaf to find a soulmate. Who is she?

Gad admits that he wants to see Olaf grow and become more mature, as he is somehow relatively new to the world. He went on to explain that there would be many things to explore that can teach Olaf about life. This does seem to hint at 'Snowmance' scenes between Olaf and his soulmate, Telegraph reported.

Many fans have even wished that Olaf would fall in love with Tinkerbell.

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