Pokken Tournament Gets New Playable Character; No Croagunk For Wii U?


Pokken Tournament was launched for Wii U in March as a console port of the current  arcade game in Japan. Although the Wii U game has not received any content updates yet since launch, the Pokken Tournament has added three new characters, while the fourth one is expected to come soon.

According to the official Pokken Tournament Twitter account, the new character will be revealed on Dec. 1. However, the additional character will only be provided for the arcade version of the Pokken Tournament, as there is still no indication that the Wii U version is getting a new DLC since the initial data mine.

Meantime, such data mine was able to reveal that Scizor and Darkrai may possibly come, although it was Croagunk who surprised everyone. Nevertheless, he was already part of Pokken Tournament as support Pokemon, which does not make him  a new character like the others.

Moreover, it was also Pokemon Empoleon that was initially expected rather than Croagunk. With that, some fans believe that it would likely be Empoleon that will be added this time. However, given the fact that the fans were surprised by the previous addition, there are speculations of getting another Pokemon entirely, Attack Of The Fanboy reported.

Based on the latest reports, The Pokemon Company has finally revealed that the next playable character would, indeed, be Croagunk. The poison-fighting-type Pokemon is believed to be a bizarre addition to the Pokken Tournament, given the fact that it was a Support Pokemon.

Choosing to do without the playable character in the early part of Pokken Tournament, the beast may be selected to go into a battle and lay a smackdown on enemies that got too near to it. As a result, it created a threatening obstacle for faster characters.

However, the game's Wii U version will not have Croagunk, as he will be heading to the Pokken Tournament arcade machines in Japan, GameRant reported. Watch Pokken Tournament Croagunk Gameplay (New Pokemon Character)

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