'One Piece: Burning Blood' Adds Three New Characters; DLC To Come For PS4, PS Vita, PC Only?

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"One Piece: Burning Blood" is slated to reveal a couple more characters before the year ends. Apparently, Bandai Namco is set on pleasing "One Piece: Burning Blood" fans with its new DLC. Several top contenders for the favorite must-see characters on  "One Piece: Burning Blood" are expected to be added via updates just in time for Christmas.

It should be noted that Bandai Namco previously asked  "One Piece: Burning Blood"  fans earlier this year for their must-see characters. Apparently, a huge crowd of the fanbase reportedly opted to see Rob Lucci, Monkey D. Garp and the Caesar Clown in the next  "One Piece: Burning Blood" DLC.

On that note, Bandai Namco responded by confirming the latter two on the next  "One Piece: Burning Blood" DLC. Hence, the December update is expected to add Caesar Clown as well as the Monkey D. Garp characters. "One Piece: Burning Blood" DLC has been confirmed to roll out on Dec. 22, 2016.

Note that  "One Piece: Burning Blood" Rob Lucci was the first to be revealed post- "One Piece: Burning Blood" survey. Rob Lucci has already been part of the  "One Piece: Burning Blood" cast since August of this year. Evidently, the two remaining  "One Piece: Burning Blood" characters will be part of the  "One Piece: Burning Blood" Gold Edition, Wanted Pack 2 and Gold Pack, Siliconera reported.

In other news, it is said that "One Piece: Burning Blood" players who own any of the three packs may receive the additional characters for free, Fandom Post reported. Note that the Gold Edition cost $74.99. The Gold Pack on the other hand cost $24.99. Finally, the Wanted Pack 2 cost $14.99.

"One Piece: Burning Blood" is said to be available on several gaming platforms including PC. Evidently, PS4 and PS Vita players will also be getting the DLC. Xbox One "One Piece: Burning Blood" owners may also opt to claim their Monkey D. Garp and Rob Lucci as well. Watch the characters confirmed here:

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