Penn State Farming Academic Reaps SDA Teaching Award


A quiet but brilliant man, John Ewing, reaps what he sowed and gets awarded with USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) Teaching recognition. Ewing is currently an associate professor of agricultural and extension education in Penn State's College of Agricultural Sciences and romps as one of the 10 farming academics to receive the 2016 U.S. Department of Agriculture Excellence in College and University Teaching Award for Food and Agricultural Sciences.

These annual awards recognize faculty members, academics and any school innovators that have contributed much and proposed out-of-the-box pedagogies in order to realize the 21st century ideal college school. This particular college school no longer promotes of the typical indoor classroom learning, but the otherwise.

The award include stipends of $5,000 for national winners and $2,000 for regional and new teacher honorees, to be used for improving teaching at their respective universities. Ewing, who was a regional recipient, received the award at the 129th APLU Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas, Penn State News reported.

Having served Penn State for years as a member of the faculty and a model academic, Ewing gets praises from co-academics almost casually on a daily basis. To him, there is no big deal to this such that he is only bound to do the best in his job.

Ewing has been recognized many times for his innovative teaching instructions. When asked, Ewing straightforwardly explained that he is very much concerned with his students' learning. He added that he holds a very demanding responsibility of keeping his farming students minds thinking outside the box. He said that it's the best way to empower them, Penn State- College of Agricultural Extension and Education Major stated.

In other news, USDA-NIFA  (National Institute of Food and Agriculture) recently announced today that it will be handing awards, recognitions remunerations to education innovators. The highlight of the USDA's announcement is its expression of support to universities, 4-year colleges, public secondary schools, non-profits, community and junior colleges, etc.

All of these are taking place in the desks of USDA, while NIFA continues investing on study, research and innovation on the many tools for sustaining agriculture in the country.

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