Google: Most Trusted Education Platform Now, Academics Suggest [VIDEO]


A number of research firms, app developers and even academics are hailing Google now as the most trusted education platform in the market. Overtaking Apple in the title, Google acknowledged this fact by heating up business and selling more pocket-friendly hardware.

Apple, Google's primary rival had been releasing its premium Apple Mac and Apple II computers for years now. But the brand is yet to drop that lion's share when Google came into the scene and bolstered the education platform by releasing cheaper hardware materials.

The Google "Chromebooks" are the single solid proof of how practical Google's marketing package is. Digital research firms like Jackdaw ad Gartner, for instance, recently hailed Google's contributions in the online education scene.

Now, such reputation by Google is in for a grand explosion as it made its "G Suite" available for many universities across the US during the late spring in 2015. The first university to enjoy the benefits of the "S Suite" is the Arizona State University, the largest public university by enrollment in the US.

Accordingly, the "G Suite" is a platform consisting of collaboration and communication tools in the form of Google Docs, Gmail, Drives, etc. Instantly then, academics from other universities urged Google to share the platform to their own college systems, EdTech Machine reported.

Such previous achievement by Google, looking at it from this year's perspective, only stands as the tip of the iceberg. The rest of the winning factors were things Apple surely did not see coming.

Even with the comparison whatsoever, it is still necessary to note where Apple and Google's visions converge. Opposite as it may appear- such that Google sell hardware for students promoting its software programs, while Apple sell hardware tools to teachers- but both brands serve up with once goal which is education. And, that proves most significant after all even when at the end however, the cost becomes the ultimate arbiter, CIO From IDG reported.

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