Career Advice: Avoiding The $10,000 Work Mistake


 However, there are instances when this main goal overcrowds the thought of earning what might have been more. Such has been the case of a contributor from Forbes who lost just a mere $10,000. She might have had more for a car payment or she might have something more for her retirement. This could have meant avoiding another second job.

Here are some steps on avoiding the $10,000 work mistake:

Refuse to want a job more

Wanting or needing a job more can often result to a more difficult way of negotiating for a raise. This person might be fearful that the employer might change his mind if the applicant do not say yes. Most applicants think that it is less stressful to avoid negotiation.

This is incorrect as this does not take into consideration on how valuable the company thinks of a person. Even though a candidate for a job position is the first choice, the employer gives more credit that that person is a great negotiator. If the employer has given her the best offer, then if she has asked for a higher price, then the employer might have lost her. It is then the company's turn to worry that they will lose her.

Negotiate. Negotiate. That is how it works.

Ask For What One Desires

A person should ask for what he wants. It might be that the salary is fair. However, a person might

have explored and discovered what he might have had if he tried.

Being confident gives more boost in speaking up. A person who fears on losing the job cannot be confident. An individual should always remind himself that asking for more does not mean that the offer will go away.

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