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‘Pokemon Sun and Moon’ Tips & Tricks: Guide on Where to Find Pikachu [Video]


Pokemon trainers would always want to have their own Pikachu; however, finding one in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" may not be too easy, as catching a Pichu and evolving him to a Pikachu.

The hunt for Pikachu is usually a given every time a new Pokemon game is rolled out by Nintendo, "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is no different. This time around, the best way to find Pikachu is to catch Pichu early on in the game and evolve him into Pikachu.

S.O.S. Mechanic

Unlike in previous iterations of the game, a trainer can no longer find a Pikachu in the wild directly. Therefore, aside from evolving your own Pikachu from Pichu, another method in getting Pikachu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" is using the S.O.S. Mechanic.

According to Johnny Hurricane of Gamersheroes, you will need to compete and complete the first island trial in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" before the method could work. He relays that after completing the first trial, your Pokemon will gain the ability to call for help during battle. Once that is done, hunt for Pichu for a battle, but wait for it to attack first, being careful not to kill it. The process he says can take from 10 turns upwards.

In "Pokemon Sun and Moon," a wild Pokemon summoning an ally during battle can be done repeatedly until the battle is done. The wild Pokemon can call two wild Pokemon allies at a time in a chain. Chaining S.O.S. calls can also provide an avenue for rare Pokemon to assist in the battle.

However, wild Pikachu in "Pokemon Sun and Moon" can only appear by chaining Pichu S.O.S. calls. This process is tiresome and can take a considerable amount of time if you are unlucky. A guide that provides an idea how to chain S.O.S. calls can be found here.

Once Pikachu appears, it is recommended to put Pikachu to sleep or paralyzing it to make it easier to catch. Another method to get Pikachu is by trying to breed two Pichus in hopes to hatch one. However, this method is still untested but still worth a try.

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