'Half Life 3' Update: Fans Vote for 'Half Life 2' Sequel in Steam Awards; Here's Valve's Reaction


"Half Life 2: Episode 2" has just been nominated for a category in Steam Awards. The fans have probably annoyed with Valve's silence that they have to go the extra mile to make their voice heard.

It does not take a survey to find out whether or not, "Half Life 3" will make it to the top chart, if it's ever released. The fans have nominated "Half Life 2" in Steam Awards for 'Game that Deserves A Sequel' category.

The title category has surprisingly earned a lot of votes up to 6440 and still rising. It seems that these gamers have agreed on one thing - they want a "Half Life" sequel and they want Valve to hear them. Will the nomination change Valve's plans?

Valve hints at VR games developments but is "Half Life 3" included?

In a separate report, Valve co-founder, Gabe Newell, has made it clear that it takes adaptable human resources as the gaming industry is constantly changing, Washington Post reported.

Currently, the trend moves towards VR and AR gamings and based on Newell's statement a few years back, the company might have been thinking about exploring new paths that create the hype.

And with that being said, the 9 years gap should bring more improvements - probably expanding the game story and a totally different experience in playing "Half Life 3" - if Valve will ever launch it.

The first-person shooter video game was initially released in 2004. "Half Life 2: Episode 2" becomes a popular game as it involves spawned-creatures and unique equipments that make it one of the best-selling games, Gamespot reported.

By now, Valve should have acknowledged the Steam award category but the game maker remains tight-lipped.

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