Stanford Review: It’s Time for Stanford to Accept President Donald Trump


In an article that appeared earlier in the Stanford Review, John Luttig, a computer science major and Emeritus Editor of the Review wrote that it was time for the university to accept the victory of President-elect Donald J. Trump and acknowledge that they were mistaken when they thought that the election was long over with Hillary Clinton as the emerging victor.

The Stanford community thought there was no way Mr.Trump, with only 3.9% supporters on campus could possibly triumph but they were dead wrong. Stanford just like others have overlooked and underestimated an entire segment of the population that have quietly faded into the background and for some reason were left behind.

The white working and middle classes, they were neither migrants nor historically oppressed, they were seldom in rallies or protests but these are people who are affected by globalization and multiculturalism that the educated and illuminated have often associated with progress.

Over the years, while the country's manufacturing growth rate has remained stable, there are less jobs in this sector and the blue collared workers have found themselves unemployed and unable to reposition their careers in an economy driven by data and dominated by startups. The America they knew has changed and they felt like foreigners in their own country.

Elections after elections they have seen and heard the same promises that never reached fruition and then there was Donald Trump, sexist, racist and bigot he say be to some, but his promise of 'Making America great again' spoke to this class that have been disillusioned.

Embracing a reductionist view of politics have left Stanford blinded of the plight of other residents of its own country that is neither a minority or a person of color. Stanford needs to embrace this new reality and heed the call of the many and accept the results of the elections.

As an institution for higher learning, the Stanford community must remember its values and respect the freedom of expression, including opinions different from your own.

While it may still be difficult for others to believe, Luttig wrote that Americans have spoken and it was time for Stanford to listen.

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