'Fable 4' Is It In The Works? Peter Molyneux Discusses Lionhead & Making Microsoft Angry


Fans of the acclaimed "Fable" franchise and the Lionhead studios have enjoyed the games that were carefully thought out by game designer Peter Molyneux. In a recent interview, the renowned designer and co-founder of the late Lionhead studio has expressed his sentiments about the legacy of the studio, upsetting Microsoft, and his intention of making a "fable 4" in the future.

It was recently reported in an interview that the acclaimed creator of the "Fable" franchise, Peter Molyneux, has expressed his desire to make a "Fable IV," Gamespot learned. Molyneux stated that it was crazy that a "Fable IV" is not being made at all.

Albeit his desire to make a "Fable IV" happen, which the studio did try and attempt to put it in works, Molyneux said in the same interview that they would have to get the original team who worked on the series back together again.

As such, he went to state how his team used to upset Microsoft because their taste of humor was not in line with that of the latter's. It was mainly due to the fact that the studio, dominantly composed of British people, had a very different sense of humor.

Molyneux further mentioned that their slightly politically incorrect sense of humor, which is common to the humor of most British people, that was evident with "Fable" had Microsoft feeling appalled, Gamesradar learned. He said that the latter was too busy trying to appease and meticulously refraining from offending all the women out there.

He even went to cite a previous work of Lionhead Studio's designer, Mark Healy, on the game "Black & White," which had totems everywhere in the game that were completely phallic in nature.

The source noted that this was just one of the things that the team at Lionhead Studios had to put up with Microsoft, especially after they lost a the fight of wanting to feature a black woman on the cover "Fable III."

As such, fans are still hoping that someday a new installment for the "Fable" franchise gets released in the future.

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