Open Source Virtual Reality Platform Now On Steam: OSVR [Video]

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Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) announced an upcoming update for Steam that includes support for open-platform virtual reality content.

The Steam update means that any title from here on sporting the OSVR logo should be able to run the title using any VR headset the user may have. Previously, the three top players in the VR scene: HTC Vine, PlayStation VR, and the Oculus Rift has their own storefront that denies access to titles for users employing competing VR headsets, according to Gamespot.

The news means that OSVR content is now supported by Steam and that universal VR can now be accessed through a single distribution point.

Christopher Mitchell, OSVR Lead, Razer, stated the move is a great milestone for VR. He adds that giving users access to more hardware and content, sharing Valve and OSVR's vision of an open VR content for everyone.

OSVR content on Steam

To facilitate identification of which titles adhere to OSVR standards, Valve placed an OSVR icon that will appear under the title in the Steam store. The icon will also appear next to compatible content with added filter functions that will also allow OSVR compatible hardware to narrow their search for OSVR-enables experiences, according to OSVR .

OSVR's effort in including OSVR hardware and software on Valve's Steam store legitimizes the creation of an open standard for all VR hardware and software developers. By providing an open distribution platform, Valve hopes to inspire developers to embrace the standard.

List of OSVR content

The list of Steam OSVR-ready titles is still short now, but it would not be farfetched to assume the library will grow once developers start churning titles in support of the move. As an incentive, Razer spearheaded the OSVR Developer Fund that now has a $5 million seed fund for would-be developers to create OSVR-content and VR technology development.

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