'Saints Row 4' News: Support For Mods Via Steam Workshop! Game Included In PS Plus Free Games In December? [VIDEO]


Fans of the well-received open world action-adventure video game, "Saints Row 4" have been enjoying the game since its initial release back in August of 2013. This time around, it would seem that fans can enjoy the game even more with "Saints Row 4" reportedly getting support for mods via the Steam Workshop. Fans who haven't acquired the game might get a chance to grab it for free as rumors circulate that the game will be part of the PS Plus Free Games this December.

It was recently reported that Volition (known for developing the "Saints Row" franchise and the "Red Faction" series) has finally added a support for modding feature to its highly-acclaimed "Saints Row 4," Gamespot reported.

It was pointed out by the source that "Saints Row 4's" quirky design and gameplay should naturally lend itself to have a modding feature. However, Volition took them three years until they've finally decided to include a modding support for the game via Valve's Steam Workshop.

The developers have posted their announcement via their Steam page and elaborated on the recent inclusion of a modding support for "Saints Row 4." Volition stated therein that they faced a lot of obstacles when trying to include the Steam Workshop support due to the fact that the game was not natively designed to support modding.

It further stated that there were only a few dedicated developers at Volition who worked on this project during their spare time by updating the game's engine and discarding certain memory restrictions (in order for the mods to interact and work seamlessly with one another without the necessity of using special tools).

Ultimately, Volition expressed that they did all out of their love for their fans and are deeply thrilled to see what interesting mods the community will soon create.

In other news, rumors have suggested that fans may also be able to grab the game "Saints Row 4: Re-elected" via the PS Plus Free Games this coming December, Videogames Republic reported. The source suggested that "Saints Row 4: Re-elected" has long been on the wish lists of many fans.

With all these said, fans of the critically successful game, "Saint Row 4," can enjoy more of it as it finally gets support for mods.

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