OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Challenger vs Champion – Samsung is Heading Towards Imminent Loss? [VIDEO]


OnePlus 3T is the new challenger of Samsung's premium phone Galaxy S7. The two looks the same but through the following head-to-head comparison, only one flagship will come off as a better value for money. Read more details here!

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Performance

OnePlus 3T and Galaxy S7 arepowered by Snapdragon 821 with 6GB of RAM and Exynos 8890 with 4GB of RAM respectively. For this reason, OnePlus 3T is 10 percent faster than Galaxy S7 according to Trusted Reviews.However, some Galaxy S7 in other countries are reportedly using Snapdragon 820 thus, making the performance of both smartphones basically at par to each other.

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Design and Build

If there's one thing that OnePlus 3T lacks, it's the waterproof resistant feature that can be found in Samsung Galaxy S7. For this reason, the latter has an advantage when it comes to underwater adventures; however, when it comes to design, OnePlus 3T is built with aluminum body which makes the appearance looks good while Galaxy S7 sports a smooth glass back.

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Camera Specifications

Although OnePlus 3T has larger camera resolution with 16MP compared to Samsung Galaxy S7 with 12MP, the latter produced quality photos based on the output delivered. According to PC Advisor, higher megapixels does not always equate to better photos not to mention that OnePlus 3T has lower limits on video streaming with 120fps on its 720p resolution compared to Galaxy S7 with 240fps for slow motion.

OnePlus 3T vs Samsung Galaxy S7: Screen Display

Samsung considered Galaxy S7 as a premium handset mainly because of its screen display specification with size 5.1-inch Quad HD OLED that comes with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 (557 ppi). On the other hand, OnePlus 3T is boasting its 5.5-inch 1080p OLED screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution (401 ppi), thus, making the Galaxy S7 more desirable when it comes to screen display. 

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