‘Pokemon GO’ Thanksgiving Event: Niantic Hints on Legendary Pokemon Articuno Released? [VIDEO]


Niantic has prepared something special to all Pokemon GO players worldwide for the Thanksgiving Event celebration. Aside from the rewards and bonuses, will Niantic finally concede and announce the release of the game's patch that contains legendary Pokemons? Read more details here!

"Pokemon GO" Thanksgiving Event Updates

The success of the concluded Halloween celebration for all "Pokemon GO" players had led Niantic to host another in-game event. According to 9 to 5 Mac, the event will coincide on the Thanksgiving Day Celebration of the United States; however, the event will not come out as a US-exclusive one.

So what would players expect from Niantic for the upcoming event? As added by 9 to 5 Mac, players will be able to receive Stardust and double XP for the corresponding actions in the game such as visiting PokeStops and catching Pokemons as well.

"Pokemon GO" Thanksgiving Event will start on November 23th and commences on November 30th. Meanwhile, players are waiting for the announcement regarding the special Pokemons that will pop out during the holiday-themed gathering.

"Pokemon GO" Apple Watch Updates

Holiday-themed activity brings excitement to the players because of the ultimate chances it offers for the players to mingle with one another. Aside from Niantic's promised of having regular themed-activities, the company has also announced the availability new updates of "Pokemon GO" for Apple Watch and that includes workout motions such as walking and running.

Legendary Pokemons Release Date

It was previously reported that "Pokemon GO" Thanksgiving Event will bring about bird-based Pokemons as the celebration is related to Turkeys according to SlashGear. Many have speculated that it could be the perfect time for Niantic to release the Legendary Pokemon Articuno.

However, while Niantic has been tight-lipped about Articuno, the following bird-based Pokemons are likely to pop out during "Pokemon GO" Thanksgiving celebration: Slowpoke, Spearow, Rapidash, Fearow, Ponyta, Psyduck, Slowbro and Golduck. 

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