Netflix 4K Is Coming To PCs But You Won’t Be Able To Watch It - Here's Why [Video]


Netflix is streaming 4K content that is limited to Ultra HD TVs, displays, and set-top boxes, it may soon stream 4K to PCs, but there are trade-offs.

Microsoft recently announced that Windows 10 users would finally be able to stream 4K content direct to their PCs, however, there are certain requirements that users will have to have in order to enjoy watching 4K Netflix content on your devices.

System Requirements

Like in all PC titles, there is a minimum system requirement that needs to be addressed before a title can be played or run on a PC. Netflix in 4K is no exception it seems. The biggest requirement is that your machine should be equipped with the latest 7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel Core processor, according to TrustedReviews. As of the moment, few machines have this processor in their rigs.

It would be noteworthy to say that even those who are in possession of the new Microsoft Studio that flaunts a 4,500 x 3,000 display, cannot stream Netflix in glorious 4K.

That said, you 'd also need a 4K monitor, QHD or Full HD screens is not provided for as an option to render the 4K content. Alongside that, you will also need to use Microsoft's Edge Browser to be able to watch the higher resolution streams.

Why can you not stream 4K on older hardware?

According to ExtremeTech, the likely culprit is DRM. The strict new hardware requirements limit 4K streaming to CPU features, notwithstanding even if you have the GPU and the 4K monitor to boot. Unless you are not on Kaby Lake, you are out of luck.

Even owning the latest, most powerful (expensive) GPUs from AMD and Nvidia is not enough to convince DRM authors to play Netflix 4K content to play on that machine, which only means, that the number one requirement must be fulfilled before any 4K streaming content can be churned by your machine.

This may mean that PC 4K streaming Netflix might not be seen sooner than we expect until AMD ships Zen which not mentioned anywhere on Microsoft's page. For now, for those who already have the gear to play 4K, the best option to stream Netflix to your PC is to swap those old APU to Kaby Lake.


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