'Final Fantasy XV' Update: Trailer Revealed New Features & Story, FFXV Game Leaks Everywhere?


"Final Fantasy XV" won't be out for a few days but trailers of the new game are already leaking on the net. Developer Square Enix has just released a new extended trailer detailing what fans can expect from the new game build.

The new trailer shows an overview of the "Final Fantasy XV" story, including the game's strategic action, combat system and more. The game will take place in the war-torn world of Eos and will follow the story of Noctis, the exiled prince on a quest to reclaim his lost crown and glory.

Final Fantasy XV (FFXV) will officially release on Nov. 29 along with a free "Crown Update", which said to fix key issues and adds several features on board. This update is very important for the gamers because it adds several scenes and some enhancements to the game, most of them taken from Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and the Omen trailer.

The update also expands the lists of available recipes and even improves the camera for better visibility during battle. It also adds the "Beast Whistle", which allows the players to summon a monster to do the battle for them.

Although there still a week to go before the game's officially release in the market, reports are already swirling around the net that the game is leaking everywhere.

Gaming stores across the globe are reportedly selling game copies to anyone who buys. In other words, the game is leaking ahead of its official release next week. The leak will likely to grow as the week continue.

However, game director Hajime Tabata has issued some strong statement about this unauthorized distribution of Final Fantasy XV in the market. The message, which has been posted on the official English version of the Final Fantasy XV Twitter account, has warned involved individual and group that Square Enix will be dropping the banhammer on early pre-release footage of the new game.

Developer Square Enix also issued warning that it will do everything in its capacity to prevent unauthorized footage from appearing online.

Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV" has been in development for nearly a decade, originally as a spin-off for Final Fantasy XIII. That game has undergone massive changes and development, producing the final product, an open-world adventure Square Enix hopes will get back the long-lost mainstream interest in the aging Final Fantasy franchise.

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