University Of Georgia Student Shares How She Lost 40 Pounds In Freshman Year


There are a lot of stories about how students gain a lot of weight during their first year in college. There's even a name for it - "Freshman Fifteen."

Moreover, some students are not able to shed the pounds off. This would not only affect their self-esteem but their physical health as well.

In a piece for Spoon University, University of Georgia student Scotti Morris shared how she lost 40 pounds instead of gaining it during her freshman year. Morris recounted how she actually gained weight during senior high.

"I wanted to start somewhere," she wrote. "Yet every time I tried to get started, I didn't know what to do."

Morris then listed down the things that she did which helped her keep the pounds off. The tips were based on her experience about which things worked and did not work for her.

Eating breakfast

Not only is eating breakfast good for one's health. It can also help improve one's academic performance. Check out these easy and healthy breakfast recipes.

Not counting calories

Morris admitted that she did not have the time to obsessively count calories. Instead, she focused on the quality of what she was eating and how much.

Keep away from the weighing scale

Morris realized that, instead of putting pressure on herself to lose a certain number of pounds, she should focus on how her body was feeling. This was more important than what the weighing scale was saying.

Moderation is everything

It may be difficult to immediately stop your intake of sweets and soda if you are so used to getting your sugar rush. Eat what you like but eat less. Morris also advised to just "eat until you're full" and don't force yourself to finish a meal.


Find the right exercise for you. If you feel self-conscious about going to the gym, try walking which worked for Morris. She also opted to skip the bus and walk to class instead.

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