‘The Last Guardian’ Trailer Will Be Seen In US Movie Theaters [VIDEO]


"The Last Guardian" trailer will be seen in random United States movie theaters. The game director revealed that they never imagined that the video game would take this long to make.

"The Last Guardian" trailer in movie theaters

The official PlayStation account tweeted news that the latest trailer for "The Last Guardian" will be in theaters. They hinted that it might be in those places that are showing the latest "Harry Potter" movie, which is the spin-off "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them." It might be available in other movie houses as well.

"The Last Guardian" game director reveals all

After countless delays and cancellations that almost came true, "The Last Guardian" is finally finished and has gone gold, which is going to be released in Dec. 6. The game director Fumito Ueda revealed to Eurogamer in an exclusive interview that they did not think it was possible for the game's development to last this long.

Ueda almost gave up on "The Last Guardian"

Ueda said that they almost lost hope for "The Last Guardian's" development because it took so many years to do. He said that the development was not as smooth as many other people would hope. He revealed that there were times that he and some of his team members thought that the game was going to be cancelled at one point.

Ueda said that there was a lot of time without any news or update on the project. What gave them inspiration was the PlayStation 3 "Ico" and "Shadow of the Colossus HD" remasters came out and had a lot of positive feedback. This gave them the will to carry on again.

"The Last Guardian" details

According to the official website of PlayStation, "The Last Guardian" is a story of a young boy and his large feathered companion, which will travel a mystical land and face dangers along the way. They must rely on each other to solve puzzles, fight off enemies, and survive until the end of the journey.

Check out "The Last Guardian" E3 2016 Trailer video below:

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