College Admissions? Ignoring Life After College Is A Mistake


As early as now, high school seniors and even juniors are thinking about which college they are going to enroll and what university they want to attend.

But the battle towards higher education in the minds of these young individuals are often laced with unpreparedness. Often, when deciding to enter the process of college admissions, students neglect life after college.

Ignoring career life after studying in college, especially when choosing a college, is a mistake, cites the Washington Post. Students often forget or neglect that there is life after college.

When it comes to college admissions and its processes, some high school seniors and their families are not aware about the details when it comes to the schools they are considering. It is important to learn much about the college being chosen and what it means after college.

Colleges and universities often encourage students not to worry about life after college, cites the publication. Most of the time, these schools will explain that the degrees and the curriculum will prepare them for a lifetime of employment. The question that should be asked during these discussions is how. According to the publication, college should be about giving students the skills to land that first job and will arm you for the jobs after.

When looking at colleges during the admissions process, internships while in school should also be considered. Learn more about the college's internship programs and find out how students can get experiences. In the same way, find out if the college on the list also features job placements. Study the statistics and consider how many graduates from the school are now employed (full time).

Studying in college should not just be a four year course journey, it should be a platform to prepare students for their future.

Are you a parent or high school senior already looking at colleges or universities? Which school are you thinking of applying? Sound off in the comments section!

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