Worst Jobs in the World That You Need To Know About


There are quite exquisite jobs that give you enough earnings; however, there are other jobs that you could less probably think as fair in giving enough payment. Here are some of the worst jobs that you could think of yet are very profitable:

As a dog mess remover, Tim Stone earns a not too shabby $70,000 (£56k) a year scooping up canine poop from backyards in the posh neighborhood of Santa Clarita, California. He charges each client $45 (£57) a month for the privilege and has most of the town's squeamish dog owners on his books, as reported by MSN.

Servicing toilets which involves jet washing the cubicles and using of giant hose to suck out raw sewage. Fortunately, as potential cleaners you can have fairly decent salary ranging between $32,000 and $50,000 (£25k and £40k).

The worst job that a person could do is the poop-related job which is being a manual sewer cleaner. In India, manual sewer cleaner are paid $5 (£4) per day to do the job by hand and they do it without using any protective gears including hand gloves. However at this point of time this job is now prohibited in India but because there are so many individuals who belong under the lower class of caste system still they tend to break the law and do the job to make a living, as reported by MSN.

A job that incudes climbing up and carrying an antenna, changing light bulbs or even fixing broken cables might not sound as a job which you can earn more but honestly as tower maintenance engineer, doing this kind of tasks looks risky yet very profitable for they earn $100,000 (£80k) and up per annum. You can say that being not afraid of heights can set you out on an early retirement.

If you are into circus you might be feeling sorry for the assistants of knife throwers. It is risky; your life might end up any time during your performances. In Lithuania's Got Talent, the assistant of a knife thrower had left his assistant with bruises and wounds. As for Jayde Hanson, a circus performer, during a demo show he cut the head of his assistant.


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