Top 5 Best Academic Readings For College Students: Science Fiction At Its Best


Literature is a powerful tool that defines people's prediction of culture's direction in terms of education, research, technology and the like. The genre of science fiction for instance has greatly affected the way we shape our present technologies. For the young and knowledge-seeking college students, here is the top 5 best academic readings- science fiction at its best.

The following science fiction and fantasy books are presented per critics and regular readers' rating. The following books are best for both entertainment and reference to STEM students who will soon be taking their school breaks in the fall this year, the Washington Post reported.

Here are the top 5 best science fiction books for 2016:

1. All the Birds in the Sky (Charlie Jane Anders)- An unusual fairy tale and romance between a witch (Patricia) and a computer genius (Laurence) is the main motif of the story. The pair will have to face countless challenges that include bullies and the looming event called Unraveling.

2. The Devourers (Indra Das/Del Rey)- A not-so-typical revenge story involving a Muslim woman called Cyrah, the book explores human's morality in the face of brokenness. In the story, Cyrah was raped by a shape-shifter called Fenrir and ended souring up the world's realities. But, what awaits her in her most-awaited confrontation with her criminal is a truth more hurting than her fate, Penguin Random House stated.

3. Infomocracy (Malka Older)- The book explores the most feared possibilities of dystopia. Malka Older brilliantly transports academic readers to a world ruled by centenals and an organization called the Information, and delivers a thrilling ride into the consequences of one world power corruption.

4. The Unfinished World (Amber Sparks)- Sparks' book is a magnificent collection of speculative fictions that mirror the very core of humanity in the face of technological advancement. 

5. Version Control (Dexter Palmer)- The story centers on Rebecca Wright, a restless alcoholic lost in the pains of marriage. Her life takes a quick turn when Rebecca falls into a car accident and subsequently stumbles into time-travelling opportunities. Unbeknown to her, fate holds more secrets about life in the past that could turn her already-upside down world into a vortex of complications.

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