Why Fans Think 'Pokemon Sun and Moon' Is Biggest Nintendo 3DS Launch Ever? Pirated Versions Definitely Banned Forever!

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"Pokemon Sun and Moon" has reportedly become the biggest Nintendo 3DS launch. The Pokemon franchise installment is said to have reached 10 million units all over the world; however, due to popularity, there may be a huge number of cheaters that Nintendo is expected to ban, especially those with pirated versions.

Previously, Nintendo launched the 'Pokemon Sun and Moon" release on the Nintendo 3DS gaming console. Moreover, the Japanese company also revealed that the initial shipments for the Pokemon newest title has already reached 10 million copies worldwide. This is said to be the company's biggest launch on the platform, ShackNews reported.

It is believed that several Pokemon fans have already pre-ordered the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" game. Moreover, Nintendo is said to credit the game's massive success to the sudden and continuous popularity of the Pokemon GO. The app was launched early in July and later rose to the Top Free and Top Grossing App Store charts.

Moreover, the Pokemon GO app has also received its first in-game special event rising to the top iTunes sales charts. However, at the time of the game's launch, the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" players reportedly noted that the game's servers could not meet up with the game's initial demand. The game is scheduled for a North American launch on Nov. 18, 2016.

In other news, pirated versions of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" are expected to be banned from accessing the game. Apparently, early players were able to get the game from an online leak this month. Nintendo was reportedly quick on debunking users of pirated versions even permanently banning them, BGR reported.

"Pokemon Sun" and players may need to download the actual game to their 3DS or risk losing access with false copies. Nintendo is indeed set on fully taking away all cheaters and hackers. Reddit users have also noted that they can no longer go online using the illicit copies of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon." Watch "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Pirates Banned Forever here:

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