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'The Walking Dead' Success Reviewed; Robert Kirkman Reveals Favorite Moment; TV Series Characters Reviewed!


"The Walking Dead" TV show executive producer Robert Kirkman sits for an interview and talked about some favorite moments from the first issue of the comic book version.  The comic creator also revealed that the global phenomenon behind the story of the Georgian sheriff's deputy in zombie apocalypse was not expected.

According to Kirkman, his favorite moment is the 50th issue of "The Walking Dead" comic book, where Rick and Carl are alone following the prison attack. Rick seems to be dying on this issue, and it is only a complete issue of Carl, who believes he can't survive on his own until he realizes that he actually can. For Kirkman, it was a fun story and also a major turning point for Carl, which he was able to write in the tv show.

"The Walking Dead's" character of Carol in the comic book is reportedly preferred by the tv show executive, due to the cool stories done with her, although not as cool as what they do in the show with her. However, Kirkman denied having a favorite comic book character, saying that he has a tendency to kill them when he finds himself getting attached to a character by writing about it more. He also added that he does not want to affect the story by focusing too much on the character,  EW reported.

Meanwhile, "The Walking Dead's" bad boy character of Norman Reedus is reportedly no longer popular among the fans. It should be remembered that the character initially introduced into the show, with his righteous fury that some were reportedly smitten. Reedus was quick-tempered, had emotional baggage and a wicked crossbow. But now, nobody seems to even care what he does anymore.

"The Walking Dead's" Daryl Dixon was first seen in the third episode of season 1. Daryl was first introduced as the group's problem, but he was reportedly the kind of problem the fans were rooting for. They cheered when he helped protect his group, got worried when Daryl had waking nightmares of his brother Merle.

This "The Walking Dead's" character was said to be a powerful one, whose mental state and  loyalties lie on failure and success throughout the first sew seasons, Polygon reported. Watch the Walking Dead Issue #50 || Comics Online || Comic book

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