‘Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy’ Coming To West In Spring 2017; Limited Edition Revealed [VIDEO]


NIS America announced that "Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" will be heading to the West in Spring 2017. The limited edition of the upcoming video game was also revealed.

"Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" platforms, editions

According to the official website of "Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy," the video game will be available for PlayStation Vita and PC. It will be available in physical and digital editions for the PS Vita platform.

"Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" story

The story of "Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" continues after the end of its prequel, "Operation Abyss," where the protagonists have to defend the near-future Tokyo from a new threat. The CPA and Xth Squad are again mobilized to fight a new threat when a mysterious object called the Embryo appeared in the sky.

"Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" key features

Players will be able to do extensive character customizations in "Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" by assigning characters' supplemental Blood Codes to create hybrid jobs classes. Skills and spells will be attached to the items they will be carrying. The Rise and Drop system will also be coming back in this game, which lets players recover increasingly powerful drops.

"Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" Limited Edition

According to the official website of the NISA Online Store, "Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" will get a limited edition on the PS Vita. It has a price of $59.99, which will only be available in the NISA Online Store.

The limited edition of the video game will contain the physical copy of the PS Vita game, a deluxe softcover art book, which contains different types of artwork for the game, and the 16-Track OST with a jewel case. It will also have the tear-resistant poster, a clear file folder with artwork of the video game, and the collector's box.

Check out the "Operation Babel: New Tokyo Legacy" Opening Movie video below:

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